The studio is $200 per day without engineer and $300 with

Includes access to all equipment (see equipment list here)

Includes access to kitchen and lounge areas

A highly trained on staff engineer can be recommended for any sessions

Technicians and a studio manager are available during business hours

Our 20 x 20 playing room

Our control room

Membership Details:

Membership is $200/month with a 3 month committment

Membership can be paid in full ($600) at the beginning of the three month period or 50% ($300) on the first day of membership and the remaining 50% ($300) on the 31st day

Includes 2 days (48 consecutive hours) of studio time

Days may roll over for up to 3 months

Engineers must receive a day of training on studio equipment before use

Additional days may be purchased per month if needed, for $200/day

Memberships Include:

24/7 access to the studio during booked time

48hrs of recording time per month that roll over for up to 3 months

Full access to all equipment (see equipment list here)

Full access to lounge and kitchen areas

Studio manager and techs on hand during business hours